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The Staff is Wonderful

I am writing this reference letter in regards to Jeannie Lyman and her company Brentwood Clean. My first encounter with Brentwood Clean made me know that something was different. The care, attentiveness, and attention to detail were amazing. I have always been able to count on Jeannie for exceptional service.

We have contracted with Jeannie for our offices for over four years. We have loved her for our offices and have also used the service to clean our home. The staff is wonderful.  Jeannie Lyman selects only the best people from my experience.

Brentwood Clean’s terms are sensible in today’s economy and their service has been an effective way for my business to run without the worry of maintaining our facilities. I would highly recommend using Brentwood Clean’s services. It makes great business sense.

Brentwood Clean came to the rescue when the Great Floods of Tennessee came to My home and Business in May of this year.  Without even being called the troops showed up to volunteer services to clean our facility and Home.  It was amazing.  We could not have continued without the efforts of Brentwood Clean when we were faced with such a nightmare of Flood waters.  We will never forget all of the help from this amazing company.

One final note that cannot be understated is that Jeannie and her staff can be trusted. The level of respect and trust that we have at A & R Electric for Jeannie and her staff is really high. The standards in our company are high and Jeannie and her staff exceed our expectations. Finally Jeannie and her staff care to understand how you would want things done and then do it that way. I highly recommend Brentwood Clean.

- Angela

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