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Kitchen Counters

Tile counters can look beautiful, but if you don't keep the grout clean, it can actually become a breading ground for bacteria. In fact, your grout may not look that bad, but could still be unhealthy. We don't want that! Let us restore your kitchen grout to it's original pristine and sanitary condition.

Showers and Bath

Nobody like to clean showers and bathtubs, but we do it with a smile and an eye for detail. If you a nasty grout situation, the sooner you contact us, the sooner you will enjoy a bright and clean bathroom again. Visit our Before and After photos for an example.


We have a special machine for cleaning floor grout. We clean kitchens, bathrooms, entry halls, and mud-rooms. Anything our machine can't get to, we scrub by hand. Be sure to visit the Before and After photos for examples of how clean your floor grout can be!

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